KŪHA | کوه is a studio for Architecture , Design and Construction. It cooperates with a community of partners, associates, experts, researchers and engineers to engage and carry-out architectural projects of different scale.

KUHA architectural practice is based in Tehran. The studio addresses majority of built environment questions with a focus on Architecture, Design and Construction. It defines and brings ideas to reality to deliver finest responses for a criteria.
The design service varies in scale from interior to architectural and urban master plans and the strategies for terrain use.

KŪHA highly employs research, urban investigations and experimental methods beyond physical program and practicalities for the receiving commissions. We are committed and responsible to deliver a unique composition of environmentally friendly and human centered design. KŪHA believes in architectural project as a dialogue among the building industry actors.

KŪHA was founded on November 2017 in Tehran.

کوه استودیوی معماری ، دیزاین و ساخت است. کوه به تولید محتوای و معرفی راه حل، طراحی و دیزاین در حوزه معماری می پردازد و در این موضوع با با جامعه ای افراد متخصص در حوزه مهندسی، هنر و تکنولوژی همکاری میکند. کوه در پاییز 1397 پایه گذاری شد.ـ